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About Bongusto Caffè

“Daily life can start only after a cup of sublime espresso“

Passion for coffee, that resists time !

It all started as a “family-run business” way back in the Italian city of Trieste (Italy) in 1950, where  an Artisan “Maestro” of coffee blending started his heartfelt research in pursuit of the Espresso with a sublime taste & fragrance. This intensive effort has finally paid off when the blend Bongusto Caffé was blended.

Caffé Espresso and the city of Trieste – Bond lasting for centuries

In the city of Trieste (Italy) Caffé Espresso is not just a morning or after-meal ritual but it’s more like a lifestyle.It’s a tradition that has its roots since the times of Napoleon Bonaparte, when it became the most important merchant & coffee transaction port. Bongusto Caffé company wants to represent this legacy and proudly share it worldwide. The whole supply chain starting with harvest of Bongusto Caffé coffee beans, roasting and packaging process is strightly controlled by qualified personnel.